All Quotes

During missions and others

  • Did you get them?
  • Burton always goes to the can when he goes running. We've got to make sure he uses this one, and send him on a trip.
  • I'll take care of this... you make sure he doesn't use one of the other ones.
  • Help me push!
  • It's too heavy, we need a better plan. Maybe if you get one of those riding lawn mowers to push it.
  • Shut up!
  • Yeah!
  • Yeah! Good job!
  • What the hell do you think you're doing?
  • Smashing into to our barricade like that? Completely out of control. Are you crazy?
  • I don't think he wants to talk to you. And you can't get in while the power is out anyways.
  • We gotta be careful they don't notice us.
  • Hey dumbass. You gotta find the reset switch first. In the slaughterhouse. Dumbass.
  • I'll get this switch, you go get the other one.
  • Get the switch, dumbass.
  • You gonna get that switch or what?
  • That's it. Finally you found the right button to press.
  • This is your last warning: Get that switch or I'll get it myself.
  • This is stupid. Let me get that switch myself anyways.
  • It's too late now, dumbass. I'll get that myself anyways.
  • Now that we have the power restored, we've got get to the chem plant...
  • ... and to do that, we've got to take on Omar.
  • He's Edgar's right hand man... he's the only one with a key to the plant.
  • We gotta go through the Red Star building.
  • Good observation. We've got to get the power on first.
  • This gate is controlled by an electronic security switch. I think it's in the office.
  • Be careful. Edgar has a couple of the guys and they're keeping track of who comes and goes.
  • Yep.
  • Jimmy, you plan to fight your way through our complex to take out on the toughest bastard I know. I wouldn't say you're a showcase for mental stability yourself.
  • Don't worry, I like 'em a bit crazy. Just don't start frothing at the mouth., I just washed this shirt.
  • We gotta cut through the train yards.
  • He's not a wanker?
  • Yeah. But you know...I think I gotta go.
  • Come on... we're going to the Spencer Shipping warehouse.
  • You'll see.
  • Hang on Jimmy...
  • The feeling is mutual Jimmy.
  • Got it.
  • All right Jimmy... here we are....
  • Yup... and now we're going to play a little game. Whoever smashes up the most stuff wins.
  • Come on Jimmy! Give it to 'em!
  • I'm winning Jimmy! Pick it up!
  • Isn't this exciting Jimmy?
  • Wreck it! Wreck it all!
  • I wish I could see their faces when they're come in tomorrow.
  • Yeah!
  • Cheap trash.
  • Who'd pay for this junk?
  • Take that!
  • Whoooo!
  • It makes it much more satisfying that all this is Spencer Shipping.
  • Haha! Yeah, it is. This is his family business!
  • This feel's so GOOD!
  • This is the BEST date EVER!
  • Come on Jimmy... is that all you got?
  • Looks like you're not as tough as you pretend, huh Jimmy?
  • Okay! Enough! You win!
  • Jimmy! Over here!
  • Get over here!
  • Let's get out of here!
  • Ah... there you are Jimmy! I was beginning to think I lost you!
  • Heh... come over here so I can make sure I didn't.
  • Uhm...
  • See you around Jimmy!
  • I know what you're like, Mandy. Don't pretend!

Asking out on a date

  • Heh... why not!?
  • Why not? You're sorta cute!
  • Could be fun! Alright!

ALLY About to Leave

  • I'm out of here, Jimmy, this sucks.
  • This is stupid. Talk to you later.

ALLY Help Me

  • Hey! Jimmy!
  • It's alright! I can handle it!

Pinched in the bottom

  • Watch it bastard!
  • You think that's cute or something!?

Getting knocked off a bike

  • Whatta?!
  • Dammit!!!

Comment on successful a bike trick

  • You think I'm interested when you do that?
  • What stupid trick.

Comment on failed attempt at a trick

  • Your failure is taunt-able.
  • You had it coming, loser.

Stealing a bike

  • Gimme your ride, loser.
  • Your bike is mine now!

Has bike stolen from

  • What the?!
  • That's funny. Now you're die.

Winning a fight

  • Zoe rules you!
  • Don't worry. You lost to the best.

When she bumps when friendly

  • Watch it!
  • Out of my way!
  • Piss off!

When she bumps when hostile

  • Watch where you're going!
  • You trying something?
  • Back off, creep.
  • Don't you start!
  • Buzz off!
  • Not interested.
  • Get lost.
  • (After Jimmy's expelled) Who do you think you are?

Getting hit with bike/car

  • Aw man! That was rough!
  • You don't pull any punches, do you?
  • Did you do that on purpose?

Saying Goodbye

  • Whatever, this is pathetic.
  • This is garbage. I'm off.
  • I need to be alone now. Don't wanna see you anymore.

Saying about the carnival or the rides

  • That just sucks!
  • Pfft. That was lame.

Calling friends for help

  • Everyone! Look at this jerk!
  • Check this out!

When chasing someone

  • Stay here you wimp!
  • You run like a chick!

When someone hide from her

  • I always knew you were coward!
  • Why don't you get your girlfriend to fight for you, Jimmy?!

Out of breath

  • ...I thought I was in better shape than that...

Walking around talking to herself

  • I'm never gonna forgive that bastard.
  • There's gotta be something around here to smash.
  • What I wouldn't give for a decent conversation?
  • Why is everyone around here so fake? So much boring B.S.
  • God I'm bored. Nothing to do around but fighting get in trouble.
  • Why is it so hard to find a boy who's got some brain and he's not an arrogant jerk?


  • It just totally sucks.
  • It's bunch of crap. Is what it is?

When confused

  • Hmm... Confusing.

Congratulating target

  • You rock!
  • You're awesome!

During a conversation

  • But whatever you know!
  • So yeah!
  • Did you hear? Seems like Burton's up to his old tricks.
  • If they don't read your rights when they arrest you they can't touch you.
  • Some of the Bullworth girls are alright you know. They just need to get out more.
  • The cops around here are so stupid. They're super easy to outrun if you know what you're doing.
  • These stupid kids get in trouble. It's because they don't know when to stop.
  • So many of the Bullworth kids are stuck up. They just don't know any better.
  • Another semester at Bullworth... and they still haven't fired Mr. Burton.
  • I hear there are still raids in the girls dorm. There's something more to it than just messing around.
  • The greasers are all riled up over something. Probably more Johnny and Lola drama.
  • That bastard Burton is still the head coach at the football team, I hear.
  • Looks like that bastard Burton is no longer coaching the football team. Serves him right.
  • Whoever painted that thing on City Hall has some got slapped, for sure.
  • Most of the boys around here are just stupid moronic pigs.
  • Yeah I'm sure.
  • Same old B.S. all the time.
  • Are you sure about that?
  • That's not a bad story.
  • I just get so unfair to bored. It just all seems so pointless.
  • Sometimes I feel bad about vandalizing things.
  • I had another fight with my mom last night. I hate it.
  • I don't know sometimes I just don't see the point of view anything.
  • Maybe we should both leave town!?
  • I don't know. When I feel like that I just smash things!
  • Yeah, I know how you feel!
  • What do you expect in a place like this!?
  • I hate this town.
  • I hate the kids in this town.
  • I hate Bullworth.
  • Nothing ever happens around here. NOTHING!
  • Alright! I'm going!
  • See ya!
  • Later!
  • Sometimes I think I should move to the city! Get a new star you know!?
  • I like to break stuff! Makes me feel better you know!?
  • I've been reading a lot of books lately. Something to do you know!?
  • I'm thinking about taking up kickboxing!
  • I did kick Mr. Burton in the nuts at one time! I'm pretty proud of that!
  • That's pretty good for this crap town!
  • I guess that's cool!
  • Sounds alright!
  • You ever break into some place just for kicks?
  • You ever start a fight just for fun?
  • You ever thought about leaving this town?
  • Have you ever gone to the big city?
  • Did you ever give up on boys completely?
  • No. But I've been really wanting too!
  • I don't know... seems pointless.
  • I did, yeah!
  • Nah, but my mom did!

Losing Dodgeball

  • You cheated, right?!
  • Whatta?
  • You cheated, you bastard!
  • So you bitches don't know, huh?
  • We suck.


  • Aw man! That's wrong!
  • Ew... that's awful!

Hit by friendly fire

  • Are you an idiot, Jimmy?!?!
  • That does it. Hit me again and I'll kill you!

While fighting

  • Come on then!
  • This is FUN!
  • Alright! Let's go!
  • Now this I'd like!

Losing a fight

  • Good fight!
  • You're tougher than I thought!
  • You got me there!
  • I should to stayed home and read a book.

Starting fight with some clique

  • (Dropout) Haha! Step up now!
  • (Greaser) Man, you're really stink, you know that?!
  • (Jock) Wow! Nice football job, jackass.
  • (Prep) I hate rich kids!

Starting fight

  • Alright, let's have some fun!
  • LET'S DO IT!

Kicked in the nuts

  • ARGH! You little prick!

Spat on

  • I bet you like doing that!

Watching a fight

  • You're pathetic!
  • Get a life, loser!
  • Stop being idiots!

When someone hit her

  • Alright! Step up then!
  • Where did that come from!?

When the fire alarm goes off

  • It's just another fake.


  • Can't wait talk about it later?
  • Come on. It's no big deal!

Food Fight

  • Someone's hungry huh?

Freaking Out

  • I don't like this at all.
  • What's the big idea?

Talking about freaks

  • They were talentless as hell.

Demanding money

  • Empty your pockets, now!
  • Give me your money or I'll kill you!
  • Shut your mouth dumbass, and give it up.

After receiving flowers

  • Oh, you're so cute!
  • Ya'know, Jimmy... that was sweet.

Demanding flowers

  • Try appealing to my romantic side, Jimmy.
  • I'd like it if you did something nice for me, Jimmy.

After getting money from her victim

  • Hahaha! WHAT A LOSER!
  • Do you supposed to be humiliated now Jimmy?
  • Pfft. You're a dumbass. And I don't thanking dumbasses anyways.

Giving a gift

  • Here.

While greeting friends

  • Hey ya!
  • What's new!?
  • Hey!

While greeting authority

  • Hi... whatever!
  • Hm. Bastard!

Special greetings friends

  • Hey! You're not looking bad today!
  • Hey Jimmy! Wanna hang!?
  • What are you doing Jimmy? You busy?
  • Now that's what I call a hairstyle!
  • Good hat Jimmy!
  • I'd take your pants! Ha!
  • Where'd you get the shoes Jimmy?
  • Cool shirt Jimmy!


  • Gotta do something about that hair!
  • Hello TOUGH GIRL!

Requesting an errand

  • Okay Jimmy, cool! Here's what needs doing!
  • Jimmy... I need your help!

Being indignant

  • What? You wanna start something?
  • You try to make me kick your butt.
  • You wanna fight! Is that it?

While greeting of Jim with fearing

  • Um... hi!

Some insults of enemies

  • CREEP!


  • Hahahahahaha! You're such a loser!
  • just laughing*


  • is just kissing*

After kiss

  • I like that.
  • That was nice.
  • You do have some uses.

Before a kiss

  • So, Jimmy... what are you waiting for?
  • Jimmy, let's make out.


  • That arrogant bastard's going down!


  • just belching*

Hit by thrown dead rat

  • Haha! That's funny!

While greeting someone in bad terms

  • I don't need a schoolboy!
  • Run along, dumbass!
  • Don't be friendly with me!

While greeting someone in good terms

  • Hey Jimmy!
  • Jimmy!
  • You bored too Jimmy?

Agreeing with something

  • Yeah! Hello!
  • Hmmm. Yeah!
  • Ow. Sure!
  • Yeah. Okay!
  • Pshhh. Please.
  • Ow. Sure!

When crying while scared

  • just crying*
  • crying* This really SUCKS!

Taking wrong stuff

  • Don't take that!
  • You gonna take that?

Sees boy in dorm

  • What are you creeping around for?

Perceiving a thing as cool


Perceiving a thing as crap

  • Crap!
  • Lame!

While seen vandalism

  • Stop that you bastard!
  • Hey! Don't do that!

Saying about fireworks

  • Oh yeah baby! Light it up!
  • Haha! That's right!

Hit with a stink bomb

  • That's *coughs* rancid!

Clothes browsing

  • This is garbage.
  • This is all junk, and I don't like junks anyways.
  • This is trash.
  • Pfft. Garbage.

Insulting the tag

  • I always knew you were an artsy dumbass, Jimmy!

Conversing with prefect

  • Alright. You know I don't like talking to you but this is how it is.
  • It's just crazy you know. You guys should do something about it.

Insulting #1

  • Go back to your preppy friend sucker!
  • Come on dork! Wanna step up?
  • You want trouble huh?
  • Useless loser!
  • You look ugly!
  • You need a plastic surgery, bitch.
  • You're such a dumbass!
  • You're pathetic!

Angry after insulted

  • You ain't ready for me!
  • You wanna mess with me?! Come on!
  • Man, I'm break your face!
  • You wanna keep sayin' that, huh?! Come on!

Ignoring a fight

  • You're pathetic. I don't have time to kick your ass.
  • Ha! Like I have to care about you.
  • Pfft. You're a dumbass. And I don't fight wimps anyways.

Insulting #2

  • (shoving) Go cry to the cops so I can kick their asses too!
  • (shoving) You suck, you know that?!
  • (shoving) Stop being a creep!
  • (shoving) Whatcha gonna do about it huh?
  • (Taunting the new kid) Loser. Yeah you, bitch.
  • (Insulting the clothes) You dress like a dork!
  • (Insulting the hair) What's with the lame haircut?
  • (Insulting the pants) Oh I see you're wearing your dork pants!
  • (Insulting the footwear) Those shoes make you look like a wimp!
  • (Insulting the shirt) I bet you're real proud of that shirt!
  • (Insulting the ink) Man, that's a bad ink you got there.
  • (taunting Jimmy after he's expelled) I hear Gary is looking for you Jimmy!
  • (Another insulting the clothes) You look like a jerk trying to be cool!

When crying

  • ...I don't like this...


  • Boring!
  • Wimp! Go away!
  • Trying to get a reaction?
  • You're so full of yourself!
  • Go back to Bullworth, schoolboy!
  • You full crap!
  • Yeah, that's really impressive!
  • Get lost crack for brain!
  • I see what your mom doesn't like you!

Getting bullied

  • Come ooonnn. Don't be a jerk.
  • Great. You make me feel like crap.
  • Alright, okay, you win... just LEAVE ME ALONE!

Saying this way

  • Come on Jimmy! This way!
  • Over here Jimmy!

When thanks of Jim

  • Awesome, thanks!
  • Hey, Jimmy... thanks!

After Swirlie

  • What are you looking at?! Wanna me to do it to you, huh?!
  • Yeah, okay! You happy now?!
  • What kind of sick dumbass are you?


  • You're not gonna break me!!
  • Right, that's it. Drop my head there and I'll kill you!

Winning Dodgeball

  • I'm gonna break your face!
  • I'm messing you up good!

Insulting in biycycle race

  • I'm gonna rock all of your asses!
  • What? This is I up against?
  • Whenever you do, YOU SUCK!!

Laughing at a headdress

  • Ha! Nice hat, loser!

When thanks of someone

  • Cool!

Winning an individual fight

  • I win! You dumbass!
  • In your face, dumbass!
  • YOU SUCK!!

Physically bullied

  • (Quivering voice) I bet you think you're real cool, don't you?
  • (Quivering voice) What?! Am I supposed to feel bad now?

Winning Dodgeball with her team

  • Hell yeah! We did it! WE DID IT!!!
  • Yeahahahaha! YEAH! EAT OUR DIRT!

Physical bullying of someone

  • HAHAHA! Try harder, dumbass! See if you can escape!
  • Go cry to your mommy, loser!
  • You really are a loser!
  • This is your fault to become a biggest loser in the world!

Saying wrong way

  • Are you stupid?! This way!
  • Hey idiot! Wrong way!


  • As usual, this really are a biggest crap in the world which stuck on my head.

Saying about unknown thing

  • What the heck is that?

WTF with TV

  • Hey, dumbass! Turn that back on!

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